I'm the One


Means I’m a reflection of you

And everything 

And everyone 

I’m a 40 something year old person 

Going through a mid life growth spurt

I’m an artist making big changes in my circle of friends 

I’m a business owner making this the best year ever

I’m a salesman who just lost the deal of a lifetime

I’m a frustrated teenager who feels like my parents really screwed me over and I don’t know what to do about my future

I’m a spouse who just got walked out on and I don’t know how to move on

I’m a single person longing to love and be loved and finding all the wrong dates because I don’t even know myself or what I want and honestly, I don’t know the first thing about what’s right for me and I’m so comfortable with everything that’s wrong and when I do find the potential for love it scares me and I beat it to death until it runs away or I kill it

I’m an angry vet and I feel abandoned by the country I basically gave my whole life in support for 

I’m insecure and arrogant

I’m full of pride and I hate myself

I’m codependent and narcissistic 

I’m loving and hateful

I’m abused and abusive

I love my family and I allow them to mistreat me

I mistreat others yet I love them

I’m confused and clear and cautious and careless and cowering and confident

All at once

I’m everything

I’m everyone

I’ve got more power than God

Because in my reality

I am God

I have created everything in my world

I make and I destroy 

With every word, thought and decision

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