Defending myself is unnecessary.. yet I do it anyway 

It was said

That a person is defined 

by the friends they keep

My friends
Rescue turtles
Preach love and unity
And act in harmony with it
My friends
Are good people
My friends 
Do yoga
Enjoy life
Don’t vote 
Don’t fight
Don’t yell
I have good friends
How am I not a good person
As you define me
I’m not
I am such a good person
I’m such a fucking good person
You just 
You just don’t want 
me to see it
Because you don’t feel as good a person as me
You envy the good person in me
I read and understand 
I don’t know what you do when you read
You say you read a lot
But what are you reading
What are you reading
Yes I am reading
And when I read
I understand
Oh do I ever understand 
You envy 
Envy is the most 
Look it up

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