Silent E

4:44 and I am Dreaming Asking What does my body need to heal? Tender Loving Care Tantric massaging Quiet talking Accepting And understanding Singing Toning  Humming And silence Freedom  Without judgement Laughing  Without fear Finding humor in the messy parts Painting joy over the sorrow Letting go of old boats Critics  Cutting anchors from my

Big Dogs

When one dog on the street starts barking All the barkers join in Soon all the dogs on the street are barking  But there’s always one dog Not barking  Just watching And listening to all the fools just barking away Bark Bark Bark


I pledge allegiance To myself And my feelings and body and mind And to my best interests And beliefs for which I stand One person Creator and goddess  Individual  With liberty and justice For me šŸŒŽšŸŒšŸŒ

Work (Part II)

Work You worked hard Your whole life  As soon as you were able You were told to value hard work Trading time for money That is what a man does That’s what a good husband should do Provide Go to work  And put food on the table  And so you did Year after year Day

Rage Part I

Rage Rage that paralyzes me from the center of my self Rage The only thing moving are the tears leaking out of my eyes Rage The way that words stab me The way thought reverberates through my body Rage This rage Silent rage I’ve carried Since birth probably Rage because I felt powerless Out of


Separation is hard When the love of your life  Is a million miles away And your heart aches to be with them To satisfy the craving  Of touch and love and physical affection  Separation helps me appreciate  How deeply the spiritual connection between us is That we feel closer than ever  Although we are far


If people don’t understand someone  It makes them feel better to label them as “crazy”, “diseased”, or “ill”.  It doesn’t change the fact that there is a lack of understanding.  It simply makes certain people feel.. “Better” The dis-ease is an emotional response  To a fucked up situation It seems easier to label it Than

Owning It All

I’m accountable for the decision to marry an older, more stable at the time, man when I was 22. I’m responsible for choosing religion over spirituality.  I admit that I had children to fill my own insecure needs.  I am suffering for the choice to stay in a loveless marriage for 16 of the 20

Life goes on

Life goes on no matter what Life is more powerful Life is stronger than any other force Life goes on  It never dies Life changes and transforms Life never stops You can cut down a paradise And pave it into a parking lot But if it isn’t maintained Life will take it back You can