Cry for Help

I’m calling all superstar wonderful wierdos The more you run

The harder it is to hide

Who am I 

What the hell am I?
How do I get out of this pain?

May you please help me face what I can’t let go of
What should I do to earn income that helps my fellow sentient beings in the best way for mother 

For me

For those closest to me
Where am I supposed to land

When can I stop circling
Where is love

What is good

What is the best way for me to be a loving mom

To all my children
How can you help me get off the karma express

How can I support my daughter Stephanie

How can I be a positive influence

To young people

What is expected from me
What is the best way to take care of my physical body

Of all the wellness programs I’ve studied, which one is best for my body and mind

How can I overcome my addictions

How can identify my blocks? 

What am I missing? 

How can I love myself

How can I separate my life from thought forms

What is real and what is a thought form? 

What is truth?

What is the knowledge of good and bad 

How can I find peace

How can I live my life 

How can I find stability

How can I find love

Does the level of love I need exist

Do I need love from someone else

How can I love myself enough to feel


What is security

Is it somewhere

Or is it a state of mind

Does my happiness depend on the whole planet

How can I help the planet help me

When is pain going to be over

How can we end the suffering

How can we show kindness

How can we be more hopeful

Help us 

Help us show love

How can we be more loving

What is love
How can I stop worrying what other people think about me

How can I forgive people for giving me a low level of love

And myself for accepting it

How can I have a higher perspective 

Should I invest in this current relationship

What do I need to change

 How can I feel fear that my body is going to break

How can I get my spine healthy

How can I motivate myself to do the exercises that 

I already know I need

To be doing

Who is judging me
How do I peacefully 





End my marriage
How do I let go of the guilt and fear and pain from my actions and how they affected 

My family

How do I stop making the same mistakes over and over 

How do I overcome fear 

How do I ascend 

What’s holding me back

How do I integrate this anger

Can someone please help me

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