Dear Me

Dear god  Dear soul Dear self Dear love Dear twin My king My brother My savior  My lover  My friend My mind I miss you I’ve been separated from you for too long I am so tired of living without you So tired Exhausted  I just want to hold you in my arms And sleep

The Letter

I have been through so much in my short life. I’ve been on a spiritual path since I can remember. Especially since I was eight years old, when I prayed for the earth, and all her people, and for all the animals and for saving them and for peace. At that moment I felt an

The Penis

The penis has been worshiped since the beginning of time.  They erect monuments to it, carving stone into larger than life, stiff and penetrating boners, pointing straight up into the eye of God.  All the people are honoring and praising it and proudly calling for all to see the point.  This is how we make