When Witnesses Won't Witness- one year ago 12 April

Facebook memories recorded my awakening journey.. these are from one year ago. the day the witnesses stopped supporting my truth. Can’t say I blame them.

Scripture says God is a SPIRIT and those worshipping him worship in spirit and truth. Riddle me this.. Why does a God who made the stars and moon and sun and life, need to instill morbid fear in mankind and why does he require a blood ritual? Why is knowledge a sin and why can he not figure out a just way to solve the supposed obedience problem.. Without killing people? He’s a big God, smart. Why blood? Why does he need slaves to fear him? Is that where he gets his power? Or by telling you that is love and you believe you need him for saving or survival? And convincing you that is truth?! I’m sorry, folks, I love the CREATOR, but this God of the bible, I don’t buy it. I’ve read it again and I can’t buy it. Sorry I can’t think that small. I’m looking at the sky full of stars and imagining other universes and your puny blood thirsty fear mongering slave driver is WORSE than the gods he rivaled in the stories. At least Molech threw the kids in the fire .. Your God enslaves them from cradle to grave. Not my god. Now let’s talk spirituality.

I’m honest. Trust me. Sometimes brutally. I’m working on that part. I’ve never learned how to be nice AND honest. I’m sure it’s because I was taught to lie. It’s told to children it’s not nice to be honest. They’re silenced. Then they grow up to be confused because they’re told the lie is reality. When it definitely still feels like a lie. But you’re telling me it’s true so I guess the medicine makes me compliant. Until it makes me die. Well thankfully my soul cleared that up. I listen to my soul now and that helps with distinguishing lies from truth and all that crazy stuff πŸ˜œπŸ˜‰

Dear kids, sorry I didn’t get my life together till after you’re all grown up. I still don’t have it right, but at least I know that now lol. I do my best. Love, mom

It is better to be excited and curious than to be scared and doubting

No one makes me laugh harder than meπŸ˜œπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

What’s that thing called that just gets louder the harder you try to shut it up? No, not me… The other thingπŸ˜œπŸ˜‰

I told you when we got back from Colombia that I prefer living in La La Land, that I wasn’t coming back.. I’m just reminding you, that I told you.. I’m not coming back. I like living in this magical world of mine.. I’ve spent my life living in between these two worlds, and I choose mine! I’m much more comfortable.. Sure it’s a little more variable and unpredictable.. But it’s about flowing around the obstacles, not trying to overcome them.. In my world anyway.. I’m sure you like me better this way too.. I’m happy.. Some of you are happy for me.. Some of you don’t like that I think independently. It’s scary to see someone own their power. Don’t be afraid. You have the same free will. Own it. Create your life. Or don’t. But, I promise, it’s a lot more funπŸ˜‰

I’m going to be honest.. When you do what I have done and address the underlying causes of the problems you have, it can turn your life upside down. It’s painful. Like giving birth. It’s a laborious process. But after it’s over you have a brand new life in your hands.

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