The Penis

The penis has been worshiped since the beginning of time. 
They erect monuments to it, carving stone into larger than life, stiff and penetrating boners, pointing straight up into the eye of God. 
All the people are honoring and praising it and proudly calling for all to see the point. 
This is how we make our decisions! They shout! This is our god! This is how we rule the world! 
And the rest of the world either submits, or is raped. 
As women, the penis is the enemy and the object of desire, of need, of craving. 
The penis prefers them young and nubile. 
The fresher the better. 
And for those girls who serve the penis from childhood, it becomes quite clear that that’s what they want. 

Although I am powerful and intelligent and sensitive and able to carry the population of the planet in my womb, the penis only sees me as a beautiful thing in which to stick his finger, or whatever object of abuse may be at hand. 
And you wonder why women are so difficult to understand. Think with the brain in your head…connect with the feminine within you and you will know. 
We are your mother. 

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