Facebook Memories 2016/03/14

Good morning my friends.. Happy Monday! I’m thankful for the nearly miraculous healing that has taken place over the weekend thanks to the positive feelings that have been sent to me. Looking back over the last year, or the last 7 years, really, I see now the gradual changes that have shaped me. Many of my friends don’t understand what’s going on with me, I look perfectly normal on the outside but I complain of pain and suffering beyond what anyone should ever have to endure. So this expression of gratitude goes to my friends who, although they don’t understand, they love me anyway. That has been the healing power I needed to get me through. This is my life. I have to live it my way or die suffering. Keep watching, it’s happening just like I said it would. Thank you so much 😍😍😍

“Truth lives a wretched life, but always survives a lie,”

You can’t BE a (fill in the blank) if you don’t know who your true self is. Be that a career, a religious affiliation, a parent or other, you don’t even know what that means unless you know your own mind. Only then can you make an educated choice to BE anything additional.

Richard Simmons.. synonymous with the phrase BE YOURSELF. If anyone knows how to do that authentically, can you think of a better example? I’m here to tell you, in a world of conformity and institutional thinking, being authentic is nearly kin to risking your life. So I CANT NOT admire someone who not only lives it, but lives it out loud. You go Richard, and all of you creative, feeling, beings. Go BE.

I just read this article that explains basically what and how I am healing myself. This is not easy, but it is as real as the nose on your face. (We really can’t say that anymore, can we?) also you can see why it is taking so long

the subconscious mind is the part of your spirit that ~

Directs and controls ALL of the physical aspects of your body, including brain chemistry, hormones, hormonal balance, metabolism, fat storage, muscles, bones, tendons, ligaments, joints, glands, organs, blood, immune system, lymphatic system, muscular structure, skeletal structure, cardiovascular system, digestive system, cells, automatic behavior. You name it. If it is part of the body, the brain and their functions, the subconscious directs and controls it. This is the part of the mind some people call the automatic mind and others call the unconscious – the part of the mind you are not aware of consciously.

Is the seat of your emotions. Want to know what you are really feeling? The subconscious knows.

Is the seat of your memory. Want to know what you’ve forgotten? The subconscious & Higher Self know.

Carries out the will of your soul by directing the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energies that affect your body, your brain, your realities. Not manifesting the healing you want? The financial security you want? The psychic abilities you want? The relationships you want? The intimacy you want? The weight you want? The behavior you want? The golf game you want? The test scores you want? The job you want? Better check the subconscious to discover the inner thoughts; i.e. unconscious beliefs and programming, that are causing the subconscious to block the goal you want.

Why would the subconscious block you from achieving your goal if you have free will? Simple. Think, for just a moment, of your will as being very similar to computer programming. What happens with a computer when you try to do something that its programming does not support? Correct. You are blocked from doing it. You have to install programming that will support what you want to do. What happens when a program you already have on the computer either prohibits you from installing the new programming or keeps the new programming from working? You have to find out what part of the old programming is interfering with the new programming and either remove it or re-program it.

At every stage of your life – from the womb on – you have been “installing programming in the computer” that is your subconscious mind. Your mind records your every thought, your every belief. You think as you move from one stage of your life to another that your beliefs change. You are only partly right. Your conscious beliefs change. Your subconscious beliefs that are stored in your memory banks as programming do not change until you go into the subconscious to remove or re-program them.

Being my friend means you accept me exactly the way I am and believe that I am always truthful according to my heart. Being friends with me means I love you. Being friends with me does NOT mean you have to agree with what I say. Being friends with me means you give me permission to change my mind according to expanding knowledge. It means you know I think deeply. That’s who I am. Being friends with me means you care more about my feelings than arguing with me. Being friends with me means asking questions and exploring possible answers. Being friends with me means you don’t have to worry about me trying to change your beliefs, but I will ask you to question them. Being friends with me means I won’t tell you what to do but I’ll tell you how to do it, if you ask me. (If I know)!Being friends with me means you can tell me if I’ve hurt your feelings and I’ll give you remorse and peace and healing. Being friends with me means that feeling loved and seen, and understood and accepted is the most important thing for anyone and everyone. All of these things I appreciate in my friends. So that’s what kind of friend I strive to be for YOU. By clicking like, you agree to be my friend. 😉 think about it.. This is a contract you should not take lightly😍

A weed is a plant growing somewhere you don’t want it.. So if you move the plant does its nature change? What magical plants this earth grows for us! Let’s pick them, not poison them!!


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