FB Memories from 03/20/2016

Hallelujah praise the lord praise everything green for outside weather. I need out!! It’s probably best that the video I recorded of the damage outside my house in the form of huevos all over my windows was not recorded due to space. I’m so sad to feel the anger and jealousy that was hurled at

Memory 2016, March 17.. Rape

I’ve been searching for God since I was 8 years old and suffering and needing him to fix it. I found him in a way, and in doing so, saw that I had some pretty serious flaws, I treated people in some unkind ways, I have an amazingly sharp, nasty tongue that has done a

Facebook Memories 2016/03/14

Good morning my friends.. Happy Monday! I’m thankful for the nearly miraculous healing that has taken place over the weekend thanks to the positive feelings that have been sent to me. Looking back over the last year, or the last 7 years, really, I see now the gradual changes that have shaped me. Many of

12/03/2016 memory 

Notes: Goals= mobility in thoracic, strengthen cervical, stabilize lumbar/pelvic girdle.  Challenges= excess elastin, hyper mobility, weakness and nerve damage from 7 disc bulges/herniations Expected outcome= resume sitting, driving, living. A friends was confused that I can move like I do but I cannot walk more than a few blocks or sit AT ALL. I have to

Morning Musings on FB Memories

Morning musings.. Keeping a few journals has always kept me centered. I’ve been keeping a record of things I’m grateful for every day and this practice has completely shifted my outlook. I still have the same injuries, but the way my mind handles it has changed. Therefore the pain has changed. Change is good. Change