Welcome Soul Family

Black Swan Sibyl welcomes you to our community of people who are remembering - wanderers, strugglers, seekers and finders. We offer validation and support to all of you who wish to rise above emotional drama and physical suffering, recall your personal power, and emerge into a new, more positive and magical reality.  The work I am being guided to do is very deep and beyond basic guidance. I seek to work with people who are called to personal ascension in this lifetime.

The times we live in can seem very dark and scary.  If you feel like giving up, you are not alone.  I have also been in that very dark place filled with nothingness.  If you need emotional support and you feel like you are at the end of a rope, staring into a bottle of pills, or contemplating a fatal jump, please stop and send me a message!  The world needs your energy now more than ever!  Here you can be heard and be healed.

Hi there! I am Christina Hope Justice, the Black Swan Sibyl. I am an intuitive empath, a medium and channel for spirit. I am an emotional counselor, listener, healer; an artist, writer, painter, friend, mother; and most of all, I am a human being like you.
I do believe it is our mission to radically change the way things are done on this planet. It is my mission to support anyone who wants help to fulfill their mission and become the greatest version of themselves they possibly can be.
There is a great deal of love out there, and believe it or not, there’s a lot more to love than to fear in this reality.

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