What Does Your Body Need to Heal?

Right or wrongLet's write a songAbout all of the thingsThat feel so rightUsing your brainSaying your nameLooking your own selfIn the eyesYour reflection in a mirrorCouldn't be any clearerA child's bright eyesSmiling so wideRadiating loveFrom deep insideThe child is youThey know what's trueFor guidanceGo to the child inside 4:44DreamingAskingWhat does your body need to heal?Tender


Your feeling of incompetence resonates with me.   You are reflecting this heart of mine It feels like Unlovable and unwanted Not good enough and impotent  Need to feed my face with cookies Fill this empty heart with food I felt great about myself until That thought form attached itself to me It wants to

Self Love Rules

Things aren’t always as they seem.. things don’t always turn out the way you would expect. For example, when it comes to love. Everyone I know wants to love and be loved. Yet within the attempts to gain such love, there creeps in feelings of manipulation and fear and thoughts of inadequacy and insecurity. It


Sitting on the sofa  Enjoying the silence My head on his chest Suddenly he croons “I want to take you to Paris To this little restaurant with the best food And to this hundred year old hotel With the best view …” I don’t hear him finish Because I melt  like warm honey Sweet Like