The Process of Letting Go

Much of my journey has been a process of letting go. Letting go of people, letting go of beliefs, letting go of idealism and expectation. I thought it was difficult to let go of people because I love them and I don’t want to abandon them. What I have discovered in this process, however, is

543 Blog Posts in 365 Days

33 years ago, give or take, I began keeping a diary which turned into multiple journals filled with my feelings.  Except for one or two of them, they still sit waiting for me in a box in storage locker with what’s left of my personal belongings in Virginia. One year ago I began to record

Resignation Letter

I tried to call you twice 3 weeks ago. As all of my calls have in the past year and a half, it went to voicemail. I had the feeling you knew it was me, and you were glad I was calling. Maybe you feel too guilty to pick up the phone and talk to

I Am Being Watched

I’ve shared my journey for my own encouragement and strength, but also because I could feel my friends who resonated with what they were reading. I felt them taking my words and reflecting on their own, similar situation. I am SO proud of the ones who are taking action.. You know who you are, girls

Free Thought Project Vlog Post

New vlog post of my thoughts on opinions.. everyone has them.  The problem arises when we try to force others to think like we do.  First of all, it’s not possible because we are unique beings, second of all, free thought is your BIRTHRIGHT!

Walk a Mile In My Shoes

My supportive friends The ones who have been the most encouraging to me During this whole ordeal Are the ones who are also undergoing Extreme challenges in their own lives Struggles and suffering Different circumstances But the resilience and strength required to endure and still thrive Are the same We are matched in our pain

Curtain Call

11:22 A big thank you for my supportive friends Who honor my choice to leave my House Bed Life Marriage and For those who believe In staying for the sake of institution Or other The casting call is sound No auditions required If you can hack it You can have it I’m deserving of a


I’ve been in THE HOUSE since Sunday Since then I’ve slept little And last night I began to feel Fibromyalgia pain Now I’m no doctor (But I play one on the Internet) I’ve educated myself extensively On the topics of physical, spiritual and emotional wellness And I have learned That all Dis-ease Begins in the

Eat the Lemons Life Offers You

It has been said “When life hands you lemons” You should make lemonade But what about tasting them instead Before we squeeze them Experience the lemons Mindfully it makes sense to me Because I actually like lemons I like the bitter pucker experience as much as I like lemonade So while I make the lemonade