When Your Body Speaks

We all experience physical signs of unhappiness They are a part of life Life is sometimes hard It is harder for some than for others How can we heal ourselves Without healing our feelings it is impossible to heal our bodies Pain feels real because it is real Psychosomatic disorders are physical symptoms that mask

How to Heal Yourself 

As what I consider a young person, my health has suffered greatly in my short life.  I know that my younger years could have been much more fun and much less painful if I’d had any clue what I was doing when it came to my health.  The biggest mistake I made was to trust

Silly Humans

What are we but grown up children Run amok  Just look at us  We fight and scream  And argue and hit Like unattended toddlers Without guidance or direction Some among us are shy Some artistic and smart Some become big bullies And tear things apart Insecure  In need of power Competition for approval and attention


After the drugs come out After the booze dries up After the smoke clears The feelings come up The emotions come in All that’s been buried All that’s been hidden All that’s been ignored, buried and drowned Comes up to the surface The pain must be faced The feelings must be felt They can’t hurt

Love Thy Neighbor 

Who is my neighbor? In need of a savior? Those in or out of God’s divine favor The one person in between  That makes the equation  Equal to a judgement call On every occasion  The one called God is an illusion  A man behind the curtain  There is no God In between your connection with


Careful what you’re saying  Careless about what the world does  Careful what you’re feeling  Careless what others think  Careful what you’re talking about  Careless about things you can’t control  Careful what you’re contributing  Careless how it’s received  Careful what you’re creating  Careless about what has already been done  We need more people who are full

Healing Hurts

Holy headache.. healing hurtsNo wonder we bury our feelings. No wonder we drown them and smoke them and eat them.. feeling them and looking at them and hearing what they say hurts like hell. I’ve been stuck here for 40 years but still functioning.. manifesting lack based on their pain unacknowledged. Those negative feelings/voices silenced

Insight in Flight

36000 feet in the air It finally sinks into my psyche When has anyone been nice to me? Who has ever been nice to me Who has shown me kindness I look around in the world I live in I don’t see much kindness to begin with People aren’t nice to their kids They’re not